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Over the years Awnings India has come to mean more than just India's pioneer Awning manufacturer.

The benefits of awnings go far beyond aesthetic appeal. They offer energy saving benefits as well as protect furniture, floors and carpets from fading caused by harsh Sun Rays. Solar radiation through glass is responsible for approximately 20 per cent of the load on air-conditioners. Studies by the American Society of Heating & Air-conditioning Engineers show that a fabric awning reduces heat gain from 55 to 77 per cent depending upon the direction of the window and time of the day.
Your patio, deck or terrace would be shaded from hot sun rays as well as provide out door protection during a rainy day for your entire family. Your guests would love to enjoy the outdoors under the lovely décor of your awning. Our range of Lunar & Meteor Retractable awnings, Fossil & Nebula – Window Awnings and other custom made awnings would provide you just that !

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Customer service: Good customer service is another important factor that can help build trust. If Awning India has a reputation for being responsive and helpful in addressing customer inquiries or concerns, this can help establish trust and confidence in the company.

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